Sunday School 9:00 AM
Fellowship 10:00 AM
Sunday Worship 10:30 AM

Trail Life USA - Trail Life USA (TLUSA) is a Christian Outdoor adventure program for boys and young men. For information, Email Gail Craig at

Sunday, December 9th: The Pennsylvania Flute Choir plays our worhsip music during our service, 10:30 AM.  Everyone Welcome!
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Monday, December 24th at 7:00 PM: Everyone is Welcome!
New Year's Eve Communion Service, Monday, December 31st at 8:00 PM.  Everyone is Welcome!









We are a church that embraces the grace of God in Jesus Christ, holds firmly to the riches of the Historic Christian Faith, nurtures a community of believers and seekers, and mobilizes ministries to bring about personal and cultural renewal through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

The Gospel

We are a “gospel-centered" church. The person and work of Christ is central to our mission as a body of believers. The gospel is not only the message needed for salvation and redemption but the message needed for ongoing sanctification. We are not merely justified by the gospel and then move on to sanctification through personal obedience. Rather, the gospel is both the way to justification and the way we grow and mature in the faith. God’s kingdom not only comes through the gospel but continues to be advanced through the gospel. Thus, all that we seek to do, every ministry, program, and service, is measured in light of whether it flows out of the gospel, points people toward the gospel, and helps people grow in the gospel.

Historic Christian Faith

As an Evangelical Presbyterian Church we hold to those timeless truths held in common by the broader, worldwide church. Although we are a church that is distinctively and joyfully Reformed, we are committed to celebrating our Presbyterian and Reformed heritage without becoming sectarian. In addition to being Reformed, we are evangelical. We use “evangelical" in its historical sense-affirming the doctrines of historic Christianity as summarized in the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds, as well as a complete confidence in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as God’s reliable and authoritative Word.


We are committed to reflect the Scriptures teaching that the church is the family of God. As a local church we take seriously the call to be a family where people feel a sense of belonging. We expect our church services to include committed Christians as well as seekers and skeptics wanting to know more about the Christian faith. We desire the first thing people encounter in our church to be Jesus and his Gospel and we strive to be a missional, outwardly focused church that will engage those who are not Christians with love and charity, knowing that all people deserve respect and have been created by God with dignity.


The Scripture says, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it" (Psalm 24:1). As a result, we are committed to ministering in our community, nation, and world to bring about spiritual and cultural transformation for God’s glory. We seek to accomplish this by mobilizing members in the church to carry out ministries inside and outside the church. We encourage all “ministers" (Christians) to identify, develop, and use the spiritual gifts which God has given to them. The Forks Church specifically seeks to establish and strengthen relationships with outside organizations and ministries that share our vision and mission.